Why Join Us

Why Join Us

We look for the best

Our recruiting strategy focuses on identifying bright individuals who are passionate learners with strong interpersonal, collaborative skills. We have a rigorous interview process. We look for experience that allowed the candidate to exercise leadership and challenge their skills. Candidates must establish that they have a proven record of excellence and clear values that resonate with OmniVista’s. Additionally, for our senior roles, employees must have more than 10 years of in-depth industry-specific technical skills and investment business knowledge.

Shared Company Vision

To grow OmniVista, every individual must share the company’s vision and participate in realizing it. On a quarterly basis, the management team reviews OmniVista’s progress and sets clear objectives for the team to work towards, while individuals provide feedback on them. Everyone is expected to actively bring their unique skills to the table in helping to achieve those objectives.


We encourage developing multi-disciplinary teams by enforcing cross-training through close interaction between people with different skill sets and experiences. 

Healthy Working Culture

OmniVista takes concrete steps towards building a healthy office environment. We also cultivate a close working culture through the design of our daily interactions and social events.


OmniVista actively builds a mentoring culture with direct coaching by senior staff.

Performance Feedback

We have a formal and informal performance review process, where individuals learn from the feedback provided not just by senior staff, but by other team members.