Providing financial services firms with Operations & Technology  solutions.

We are a premier global provider of management consultancy, technology implementation, and application management to the financial services industry.

Clients trust us to deliver quality advice, solutions, and support based on the synthesis of our in-depth investments business knowledge and cutting-edge technical capabilities. At OmniVista Solutions we cultivate long-term relationships by delivering sound strategic advice and reliable, holistic solutions that enable our clients to sustain and grow their business.

  • Creatively innovate and pioneer solutions by balancing completeness, impressiveness, effectiveness, and simplicity while working for the greater good in an ethical manner.

Area of Expertise

Stage 1: Strategic Analysis

Our specialization in financial services and products enables us to understand the challenges that come with various platforms and to overcome them. Our analysis of the client’s operations is conducted holistically within their business context. We are innovative with our problem solving and provide effective guidance with our recommendations.

Stage 2: Plan Design

When designing a plan, we conduct deep technical analysis with a high-level business analysis of the stakeholders at your firm. We collaborate with the client to determine what software development method is the most appropriate for their environment

Stage 3: Implementation

Our top priority is to build long term relationship with clients. The only reliable way to cultivate that is through transparent and honest communication, whether it is on the project’s progress or our resources and recommendations. Our network within the industry is significant and growing. We use keen discretion in who we hire as well as who we recommend to clients as third-party consultants. We pride ourselves as collaborative team players with excellent communication skills, always striving to be a pleasure to work with.

Stage 4: Maintenance

We go beyond monitoring and reporting issues. We also conduct research to analyze the issue and resolve them, leveraging our resources, skills, and experience used Stage 1, 2 and 3. Clients rely on our prudence, adaptability and attentiveness, making us the ideal partner.