Application Management Offering (APO) Overview

OmniVista Solutions’ Application Management Offering (APO) is a unique blend of development, management and support services. In addition to our core on-site services, clients can keep working with OmniVista by using our knowledge and resources for off-site support and development services.

Our APO model is client-centric, secure and competitively priced, because of our approach and optimized resources. We place strong emphasis on growing our investment applications-specific knowledge and development experience. Hence, OmniVista is able to provide the highest level (Level 3) of technical support, going beyond support given by other providers. We have a highly-connected and well-prepared facility in Iowa with quality, knowledgeable staff, designed for 24/7 support for clients. Our Midwest-based business combined with our New York-based business allows OmniVista to leverage the right resources at the right time to maintain exceptional quality while lowering cost of services to the client.

Application Management Main Services

Our APO model allows for direct communication between the client and our whole support structure, by maintaining a single point of contact to manage issues and relationships. This model is not only beneficial to client-support communications, but also adds to the client’s on-site management staff accessibility. Business leaders are enabled to be proactive and responsive to issues and opportunities. OmniVista constantly seeks to maximize its talent and resources with this model and has seen results in expediting resolution to issues.
Because of our multi-level, multi-disciplinary knowledge around financial products, OmniVista is well-positioned to advise clients on best practices regarding application management support. 
Our complete offered services include:

Batch jobs monitoring

Batch jobs documentation, analysis, and optimization
Batch jobs monitoring and support

Live application troubleshooting

Investment platforms live monitoring and support
Issue tracking and resolution

Feeds management

External vendor feed development and support
Feed validation and monitoring


Internal and external data reconciliation and validation
 Reconciled data tracking and archiving

24/5 or 24/7 support

 Business days or calender days support
Dedicated senior staff available at odd hours throughout the day

Level 1 through 3 Application Support

Multiple level support based on business and functional need
Level 3 support to investment operations and applications

Off-Site Development and Customization

One of our value propositions is that we are able to go beyond support to assist clients with their development needs. Our team of architects, analyst, developers, and testers is the ideal extension of the client’s IT organization. We have a track record of successfully delivering numerous vendor product customization solutions on financial services systems.
Technologies covered include:

  • Microsoft.NET C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET
  • C++
  • Microsoft SQL Server/Oracle/Sybase
  • Java
  • Flex/Spring

QA Management and Support

OmniVista also brings significant industry and functional expertise to the QA process as part of our APO model. Given our extensive product knowledge and project management experience, we are able to execute best practices as part of QA testing.