Relationship Management Structure

At the beginning of a relationship, a senior contact from OmniVista Solutions will be established as the client’s dedicated liaison. The contact is responsible for ensuring that the following happens:

Relationship Management Structure Objective

 Clear communication with clients to ensure that expectations are being met and identify areas for improvement

Service Level Description (SLD)

The Service Level Description document specifies the agreed-upon areas for analysis in detail. Some details include: specific systems, processes, or products to be assessed, specific areas of concern that the client is looking for advice on, expected timeline for deliverable.

Ongoing Review Meetings

These meetings, held at an established time and frequency, allows both the client and OmniVista Solutions' team a forum for status and concerns to be expressed, enabling proactive problem solving. It will cover the following in its agenda:

  • Discuss current state of SLD and timeline, including a review of the Key Performance Indicator Reports
  • Discuss outstanding issues and action items
  • Review project backlog
  • Discuss any changes to the client’s business or changes to services requested


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reports

These reports would be delivered at regular intervals, reflecting pertinent data and trends on the various KPIs agreed to in the SLD. These reports serve as objective measures of OmniVista’s performance and are used as a basis for discussion at the Review Meetings.