Sample KPI Reports

KPI Report Sample Sections

Ticket Handling Trend

Avg. Time to Close, Avg. Time Open and Active


Ticket Response Time Trend

Avg. Response Time, Avg. Initial Response Time


Ticket Workload Trend

Total Open Tickets, Total Ticket Replied To



Our ticketing system captures additional data related to the volume and status of tickets, also enabling us to generate reports that might be helpful in diagnosing the current state of operations (i.e. we notice a trend of spiking volume in issues reported every year around March, why is that the case?).

In addition to the metrics above, we can also provide:

  • Total New Tickets
  • Total Open Tickets
  • Total Closed Tickets
  • Total Closed Tickets by Customer
  • Total Re-opened Tickets
  • Tickets Assigned from Queue
  • Total Incoming Calls
  • Total Outgoing Calls
  • Avg Call Length
  • Avg Messages Received per Ticket
  • Avg Messages Sent per Ticket
  • Avg Follow-up Response Time