Software Development as a Service (SDaaS)

Software Development as a Service (SDaaS)


Experience with the leading investment applications
Experienced developers and business analysts with immense subject matter expertise around Buy-Side investment firms
Deep programming knowledge in multiple technology stacks
Proven track record building systems that integrate with 3rd party APIs such as Bloomberg, Reuters, Markit market data

Flexible Agile development methodology blends our team with the client for a seamless partnership
After the product is deployed to production we can provide a natural transition from iterative feature development to a release based support and maintenance model.


Flexible Structures

We understand that each client has various levels of capabilities when it comes to building instead of buying applications, so we are flexible in our approach.

We provide variations of team structures to assist in providing development software as a service to our clients, such as the following options:

  • Project Managers, Software Architects, Developers, and QA.
  • Development Team Leads, Developers, and In House Talent (Project Managers and QA).
  • Mix of On Site and Off Site Resources leveraging our applications management offering(APO).
  • Always providing project oversight to ensure quality and delivery.

Flexible Methodologies

We believe that you are Agile if you value the same things as listed in the agile manifesto. There are really no standard template or checklist to "do agile“; though at OmnIvista we have developed our reusable software and templates to accelerate agile development.

Agile therefore is:

  • Incremental: Builds each feature across all components to full fidelity, one by one.
  • Iterative : Prototype and get feedback, repeat until finished. Builds all the features, across all components, to the lowest fidelity, and then increases the fidelity to the highest level.

Agile: Combination of incremental and iterative approaches. Build each component one by one at a low fidelity, and then both gradually adding features and increasing their fidelity until the right combination is achieved.

Our Agile approach